Even though schools are bound by a schedule and routine, every day can bring new changes for administrators, parents, and students alike. This fluidity makes choosing a student information system for your entire campus a critical decision. 

You need a comprehensive and user-friendly system for students, parents, and staff that makes running your school easier. Here are a few ways a Veracross can help your school operate more efficiently:

1. Data Management Made Easy

Veracross ensures your entire school is on one cohesive system. Your school will have a single record database. Each person in your community, from applicants and students to alums, parents, and donors, will have a single record throughout their entire relationship with your school. This ensures that every department has access to the most up to date data (respecting security roles, of course!).

With Veracross, important, up-to-date information is always a few clicks away for all authorized individuals.

2. Families Learn How to Fish

Perhaps the most important part of choosing a student information system for your school is ensuring a good user experience for your families.  Veracross gives you the tools you need to create personalized, data-driven portals that become the hub of important information and communication for each family.

In the Veracross Parent Portal, families can easily update their household information, complete re-enrollment, update emergency contacts and even indicate attendance changes. They can also communicate other important information about their child through this portal, which can also be accessed by the school, to make sure they have all the necessary insight they need about every student.

Veracross empowers families to take control of the information they put into the portal. Veracross streamlines data sharing and communication for the entire school.

3. Confidentiality, Availability, and Security 

Veracross is 100% web-based, so all of your users can access information, data, and run reports anywhere and anytime with 99.9% uptime.

Since all Veracross applications are cloud-based, and secure against outside threats, your data is protected by the strongest safeguards. Each user is assigned security roles that permit them access to the data that is only pertinent to them. Multi-factor authentication is also required for system administrators and can be enabled for all other users as well. 

Veracross offers the best in confidentiality, availability, and security that is necessary for a student information system. Learn more about transitioning your school SIS toolkit today or contact us for more information.


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