Payments and Tuition

Simplify your payments

Veracross Tuition Management, Veracross’s payments and tuition management tool, streamlines workflows for your business office and simplifies payments across campus.

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Streamline tuition and other payments

Automation is the name of the game with Veracross Tuition Management. Your school can charge tuition and incidentals, receive payments, send reminder emails, and set up recurring donations.

Automate tuition payments

Reduce administration by automating tuition payments. You have the option to require parents to enroll in AutoPay and select their payment plan.

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One platform for all departments

Easily view transactions for all departments in a single location on the Payments Dashboard. Parents can access and manage their wallet, tuition, and incidentals in the same portal as school news, academic information, and events.

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Save your payment accounts

Take the hassle out of making payments. Allow users to save ACH and credit card information to be accessed whenever making a payment in Veracross.

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Automatic reminder and confirmation emails

Parents are automatically reminded of their AutoPay payment prior to the billing date, and confirmation is sent when payment is received.

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Recurring giving made easier

Allow donors to set up automatic gifts to your school’s annual fund or capital campaign, and issue automatic thank-yous after the gift is processed.

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Comprehensive features, one software solution

Connect with us to learn more about how you can streamline your payments process.

  • Automatic Payout Reconciliation
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Auto Recurring Giving
  • Incidentals AutoPay
  • Payments Dashboard
  • Saved Payment Accounts
  • Tuition AutoPay
  • Tuition Management Integrity Checks

Veracross Tuition Management has improved our overall parent experience by giving them total control of the tuition process. The ability to access and edit payments and pay invoices in the same portal they use for academic information and school news has been a game changer.

Jeremy Sambuca Director of Technology, Hewitt School

We estimate that Veracross Tuition Management has reduced our manual work by 2+ hours a week and increased our overall efficiency. Reconciliation is easy and parents have become self-sufficient in managing financial commitments to the school. 

Shelly Lammon Controller, Saint Mary's School

One integrated system

Veracross Tuition Management consolidates payments from multiple departments into a single solution, streamlining reconciliation for your business office. The Veracross Wallet, stored accounts, and autopay makes payments and donations easy for members of your community.

One platform for all your needs