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With 500+ training videos and learning checks, Veracross University empowers users to learn Veracross remotely and at their own pace.

"We couldn’t be more excited about Veracross University! It has been such a valuable tool as we get up and running with Veracross. It’s been a game changer! The breath of content is amazing as well as the quality of instruction and the ability for our staff to access it remotely on their own time from their home. It certainly gives me confidence that we will be ready to go and us Veracross to its fullest potential when we go live this fall."

Bill Stites
Director of Technology, Montclair Kimberley Academy

Get Certified

Demonstrate your knowledge of Veracross by passing the “fundamentals” certification exam for each major learning path.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Watch videos, answer knowledge checks, and complete practice assignments on your own schedule.

Live Training

Supplement your learning by attending live online classes with Veracross instructors.

Your School, Your Team

Add and enroll your own users, monitor their progress, and compete on your own leaderboards.

Learning Paths and Courses

The curriculum is divided into department-specific learning paths and courses. Work through whole learning paths start to finish or enroll in individual courses to brush up or learn new skills.

Introduction to Veracross


Data and Access Management


Academics and Student Life


Admissions and Enrollment






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401 Edgewater Place

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401 Edgewater Place

Suite 360

Wakefield, MA 01880