Glass Ceilings Revisited: What the 2021 ATLIS Compensation Report Tells Us About Gender and Tech Leadership in Schools

Jun 21, 2021

Even as data shows that larger team supervision commands a higher average salary for most technology leaders, salary gaps still exist by gender, ethnicity, and other factors. In addition, the ATLIS Compensation Report for 2021 notes that technology leaders picked up additional responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic without their usual corresponding increase in average salary. During this session, we’ll explore how the data indicates there is a persistent pattern of male tech leaders serving their schools at the administrative level, but those who identify as female or genderqueer/gender non-binary are less likely to be among them. Considering this data, we ask a panel what people can and should do to break down these barriers.

The panel includes: Colleen McNeil, Coda Murray, Marsha Maxwell, and Daisy Steele

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