Pivoting in a Pandemic: New Approaches to How Bullis School Provides Access and Opportunity to Prospective Families

Jun 24, 2021

The past 15 months have presented the independent school enrollment community with challenges and uncertainty that has required creativity, patience, and out-of-the-box thinking. Without lead time to prepare for an overnight shift in the ways we traditionally connect with prospective families and provide them access to our school, the Bullis Admission Team quickly brainstormed new approaches to providing a continued exemplary customer experience and authentic engagement with our teachers, students, parents, and community. We moved away from in-person visits and events to virtual opportunities, one-on-one engagement, and revamped application requirements. This session will show how we addressed traditional admission strategies with new, innovative programming. For example, we added a request for a teacher recommendation from last year’s teacher(s), required a graded essay be uploaded into Veracross, and sent bi-weekly newsletters to prospective families through Veracross Composer. We shifted from Open Houses to a line-up of over 35 webinars with members of our community, changed shadow days to student vlog and visit sessions, and created driving tours and virtual views of campus, utilizing technology to enhance the way we conduct business. And it worked. Bullis School has experienced an exceptional yield and on-going interest in our fall classes. We will share what worked, what we learned, and what we will continue providing in the 2021-22 admission season.

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