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Mental Health, Emotional Well-Being, and Student Engagement at the Heart of Education

Preview the award-winning system that captures and tracks student behaviors and well-being for independent K-12 schools.

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Keep a Pulse on Student Wellness for a Thriving School Environment

Ensuring the welfare of your students holds the utmost importance within your school’s objectives. Monitoring behaviors, embracing accolades, and encouraging open dialogue about their mental health and overall wellness empowers them to thrive both academically and personally. Explore the transformative capabilities of our cutting-edge platform, Epraise, in managing student wellness and fostering a healthy learning environment.

Epraise has transformed teacher workload and pupil motivation.

Head of ICT Prestfelde Prep School

We have seen increased levels of motivation and improved attitudes... Attendance increased by 2% last year and a lot of this was down to the introduction of Epraise.

Principal Castle View Academy

Epraise is a must-have for any schools looking for something fresh, engaging, and suitable for all ages.

Rewards Cordinator Dubai British School

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