Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, educators are relying on their school software in new, complex ways as they pivot to distance or hybrid learning. And in the resounding chorus of “unprecedented times,” software companies need to be pivoting too. But how? Our team quickly learned that unprecedented times call for unprecedented partnership. We have always prioritized customer feedback when designing and developing our products, but it was clear early in the COVID-19 crisis that communication and partnership with our schools had to be more intentional than ever.

In late May, our team conducted over 50 client meetings, attended a few dozen industry webinars, and sent out a reopening campus survey to 500+ users. Thanks to the invaluable responses received, we were able to better grasp the specific challenges, concerns, and software barriers schools were facing. Equipped with expansive input, we responded with a slate of software development updates and added functionality. These long-term solutions were designed to fit and support the school of the future, no matter its shape.

“We wanted to be nimble and respond to immediate needs while not sacrificing our long-term roadmap,” says Jessica Wallis. “Our goal was to build features that not only support operations this fall, but are features that schools can benefit from in the years to come. We know we have more work to do, but we’re excited to continue to partner with and listen to our clients over the coming months. Obviously, we can’t build a perfect solution that works for every school, but we’re excited by the challenge to build meaningful tools to help schools in their day-to-day operations.”

Direct feedback allows us to see what’s working, to better address problems, and to think strategically about future development. Our system will only be as dynamic as our partnerships with our schools. While the shape of school is shifting, our dedication to learning and growing together is more solid than ever.



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