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A personalized approach to school fundraising

Swap your blanket appeals for targeted solicitations. Veracross Development has the data and tools you need to recognize the unique contributions of each constituent and sustain their support for the long run.

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Meet donors where they are

Never lose track of a donor again. With our one-person, one-record database, Veracross offers the only development solution that provides a lifetime of visibility into each constituent’s relationship to your school without any manual effort so you can keep them engaged, no matter where they are or how long it’s been. 

Efficient Workflows

Simplify your workflow with one system that does it all 

Plan campaigns and events, communicate, track pledges, customize giving forms, write acknowledgement letters, and build custom reports in one user-friendly platform. Plus: save your business office time with automatic reconciliation.

Donor Engagement

Increase donor engagement with customized solicitations 

Maximize your outreach with Veracross‘s custom email builder and unmatched query abilities. Leverage a lifetime of historical data to craft communications based on donors’ interests, activities, giving history, and relationship to your school.

Analytics and Reporting

Measure campaign effectiveness and identify trends 

Enhance your fundraising strategy with Veracross‘s comprehensive campaign management tools. View real-time progress, get feedback, facilitate moves management, and generate custom queries and visualizations — all in one easily accessible database.

Positive Experience

Create a great giving experience 

From tailored messaging to user-friendly forms, intuitive payment options and recurring gifts, Veracross Development has all the tools you need to customize the giving experience and turn one-time givers into recurring donors who support your school each year.

It’s a goldmine to know all the kids who had a specific history teacher. It’s like infinity group fundraising. It’s bigger than Ravenscroft; it’s about how a relationship with a teacher helped them.

Associate Head of School for Philanthropy, Ravenscroft School

I’ve used Veracross for the past 11 years for everything from posting gifts and running acknowledgements and receipts to building complex financial and analytical reports. Veracross is essential to our office’s daily workflows!

Gift Records Manager, The Kinkaid School


Features your development office will love

Donation, Pledge & Soft Credit Management

Development Communication

Track and Report on Funds, Campaigns and Events

Event and Appeal Management

Solicitation Management

Query and Reporting


Wealth Screening Data Management

Moves Management

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A full picture of each donor
at Buckingham Browne & Nichols

When it comes to donor relationships, the right data makes all the difference. Read this case study to learn how Veracross Development is empowering Buckingham Browne & Nichols to share information and work across departments to increase engagement and school support.