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Foster an inclusive and inviting school community

Support your families’ diverse needs with a global school management platform.

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Unifying schools in 60+ countries across the world 

With a wide array of cultural identities, backgrounds, and preferences, your school community needs technology that understands its unique makeup. Veracross provides a flexible but firm foundation that meets your school’s needs, cultivates community, and provides one source of truth through it all.


Gain clarity with one record per person 

Get a 360-view of every member of your community with solutions for every department built upon our unique one-person, one-record database. Manage every facet of the school experience in one place to keep your community organized, engaged, and informed anytime, anywhere.  


Share information with ease 

Keep families connected no matter when or where with built-in email, SMS tools, and flexible portals for every member of your community. Create school-branded messages and make it easy for families to find the information and resources they need. 


Reduce friction for families, teachers, and staff 

Provide a premier experience and meet family expectations with intuitive software that’s easy to use and easy to learn. Give teachers and staff sophisticated tools to do their jobs with best-in-class training and support along the way.  


Keep the solutions you love 

Local requirements or curriculum standards? Use our Open API to continue using the software that works for you with Veracross as your system of record. We’re proud to partner with top edtech solutions including Schoolbox, Reach, Toddle, and more. 

Veracross provides the experience parents desire, while leveraging institutional data across departments to create a seamless interface for parents.

Strategic Specialist, Collingwood School

As an international school, we see families leaving and then coming back a few years later. With the enrollment history, you can see when, and for how long, students previously attended ASL.

Former Dean of Admissions, American School in London

We chose Veracross because it is a web-based, flexible system that meets many of our identified needs. We believe the interoperability of these systems will help us be more efficient and provide better service to our community.

Director of Educational Technology, French American International School

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A database that reflects reality
at the American School in London

Since 2010, The American School in London has relied on Veracross to manage their student information. Read this case study to learn how the school uses our single-record database to collaborate across departments and keep their community engaged.