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Bring student health into focus

Get a 360-degree view of your students’ physical health and well-being with the powerful combination of Veracross and Magnus Health.

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The most efficient way to manage student health 

The health and safety of your school community is paramount — but there’s only so many hours in a day. Between collecting health forms, managing medications, responding to emergencies, treating injuries, and communicating with parents, you’re likely working in overdrive to get everything done. Enter Magnus Health: the leading student health record (SHR) solution for private and independent schools. Proven to simplify your workload and enhance student care.


Streamline health office workflows 

With digital form collection, pre-built treatment note templates, automated email reminders, allergy records, and medication schedules, Magnus Health can help you reclaim your time and focus on student health and wellness, not administrative tasks.

Form Compliance

Improve compliance with digital forms and immunization tracking 

Increase form compliance to adhere to state and federal guidelines and regulations with a digital collection process, automated reminders, and a sync to the state vaccine registry. Get review help when you need it from a team of certified nurse professionals.

Family Experience

Collaborate and communicate with parents more effectively 

Share treatment notes, send automated reminders, and have informed conversations with parents about their students’ health and safety with the most up-to-date information, protected messaging tools, and the Magnus Health mobile app.

Data Privacy and Security

Protect your student health data 

Magnus Health uses hospital-grade security to protect your data in compliance with HIPAA and FERPA standards. Multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and strict user permissions ensure only authorized personnel can access student files.  

SIS Integration

Benefit from the best of both worlds 

Together, Veracross and Magnus Health provide a full-scale student care solution. Track health visits, medications, and emergency information with the rest of your student information for a safe, healthy, and coordinated campus.

Magnus911 and the mobile app are a secure way to send student data in an emergency and get rid of paper copies and binders that could breach confidentiality.

Health and Wellness Director, The Westminster School

I live on Magnus Health, it's user friendly and does everything we need.

Manager of Health Services, Ridley College

It was a two-step process before. Now with SSO, it makes it that much easier for parents to just click on the ‘Student Health Records’ button and see all of their forms in one section. It minimizes their need to click on different links.

Assistant Dean, Woodward Academy

Magnus Health Capabilities

Features your health office will love

Online Form Collection and Tracking

Emergency Response System with Magnus911

Counseling Templates

Treatment Notes

Immslink Sync

Medication Administration

Health Office Check-In

Integration with other tools like Sportsware

Smart Lists and Reporting

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Improve student care with a dedicated student health record solution. Request a demo of Magnus Health to explore the benefits of an SHR for your school.

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Streamlining Back-to-School Season for
Woodward Academy's Health Office

Form collection is one of the most time-consuming tasks for health office staff. Read this case study to learn how Woodward Academy saves 1,600 hours of administrative work by using the Veracross and Magnus Health integration.