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A modern approach to school financial management

Tired of delayed payments, frustrated families, and siloed workflows? Veracross Business connects your entire school to provide simple, secure payments, automatic reconciliation and seamless collaboration across all departments.

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Secure your school’s financial future with Veracross Business

Long-term financial sustainability is the goal for any educational institution. Veracross Business sets schools up for financial success with simplified payments, a positive experience for families, more efficient operations, and state-of-the-art data privacy and security. With one database powering the administration of your entire school, you’ll safeguard your revenue while maintaining the highest levels of compliance and data security for years to come.

Elevated Insights

Streamline your financial operations

Veracross Business provides seamless financial management and shared data across all departments through a 100% web-based solution, so your office has the data you need to do your job accurately, efficiently, and from any device.

Tuition Management

Simplify billing and payments

With a dedicated billing portal, integrated payment solution, automated payments, and live support, Veracross Business takes the headache out of tuition and incidental payments.

Family Retention

Improve user experience

With Veracross Business, schools can configure the payer experience to meet families’ unique needs with flexible payment options, a simple checkout process, and easy one-time payments for guests.

Data Privacy and Security

Protect your school’s financial data

Veracross is compliant with TRUSTe, PCI DSS, GDPR, and NIST CSF to make sure your financial data remains safe and secure. Our platform is hosted on AWS and reinforced with modern firewalls, DDoS protection, built-in redundancies, SSO, and MFA.

We estimate that VC Pay has reduced our manual work by 2+ hours a week and increased our overall efficiency. Reconciliation is easy and parents have become self-sufficient in managing financial commitments to the school.

Controller, Saint Mary's School

VC Pay has improved our overall parent experience by giving them total control of the tuition process. The ability to access and edit payments and pay invoices in the same portal they use for academic information and school news has been a game changer.

Director of Technology, Hewitt School

There have been so many subtle improvements to our processes. The efficiency of the overall system is such that we’ve been able to function with one less full-time employee.

Chief Financial Officer, Randolph School


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An integrated tuition management
solution for Pacific Ridge School

With their previous tuition platform, Pacific Ridge School struggled to collect payments efficiently and often dealt with significant lag time. Read this case study to learn how Veracross Tuition Management has improved the tuition process for both school staff and families.