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An end-to-end enrollment solution that puts people first

Simplify the admission process with one single tool for families from initial inquiry through graduation.

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Create an accessible admission experience for everyone

Put your best foot forward with an admission experience that reflects your school’s brand, mission, and values. With Veracross Admissions & Enrollment, you can tailor every detail of your admission process to stand out from the crowd and make your school more accessible to prospective and incoming families with intuitive, user-friendly features. 

Family Experience

Put the family experience first 

Guide families through every step of the application and enrollment process with anytime access to an intuitive Admission Portal where they can submit their application, sign up for events, check statuses, view decision letters, and pay deposits.

Query and Reporting

Monitor trends and forecast admissions 

Inform applicant outreach and decision-making with unmatched query and reporting tools from Veracross. Choose from pre-built pipeline reports or build your own custom report to see how your numbers are trending, both in real time and year-over-year.  

Event Management

Manage admission events with ease 

Take the stress out of admission events with Veracross‘s singular calendar view of upcoming open houses and on-campus visits. Track applicants’ visits, schedule tours, and manage tour guides in one user-friendly platform.

Personalized Communications

Create more powerful communications

Hyper-personalize your outreach and increase conversions with school-branded email templates in Veracross. Customize messaging based on applicants’ interests or recent admission activity to make each applicant feel known.

Enrollment and Re-Enrollment

Boost efficiency and retention with effortless online enrollment 

Reduce staff workload with easy admission file review. Data seamlessly flows into other systems, including academics and tuition management, for a hassle-free process that can be done from anywhere without mailing or emailing sensitive information. 

The [admission] portal provides valuable real-time data to the admission team that allowed them to better plan and forecast. The anytime, anywhere access the portal provides for parents helped us stand out in our market. Maybe best of all, other schools in our area called us to find out about the portal... they heard from families that it made our process more simple and accessible.

Director of Information Services, Harpeth Hall

The strength of our Admissions Portal lies in its simplicity. There can be many barriers to entry for families to complete an online application, but the way in which our layout and the use of buttons allows families to easily navigate through the process and access the information most important to them helps remove those barriers.

Director of Technology, Ravenscroft School

Because we’ve been on Veracross for as long as we have and we have all of the data available to us, it’s the first forecasting tool that we go to. We say ‘okay, this is what admissions looked like for the past X amount of years’ and we can then make our predictions on what’s going to be happening for the next year.

Chief Technology Officer, Williston Northampton

[Veracross] provides an end-to-end experience for our students and staff from admissions / application through to graduation / end-of-contract.

Director of Information Technology (Review sourced from G2)


Tools to help you increase yield and retention

Application Management

Admission Calendar and Event Management

Admission Visit Tracking

Admission Portals and Communication

File Review Process

Candidate Profile and Application Summary Documents

Query and Reporting

Enrollment / Re-enrollment Management

Integrations with Standalone Admission Tools

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How the American School in London
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A modern admission system benefits both school staff and families. Read this case study to learn how Veracross Admissions has saved time, increased efficiency, improved parent experience, and enabled powerful data insights at The American School in London.