Veracross Admissions & Enrollment

Admissions Software for Private Schools

The Veracross Admissions module gives you all the tools you need to manage every part of school admissions and enrollment.

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Seamlessly manage every part of the school admissions process

From the initial inquiry, through enrollment, Veracross enables your admissions office to increase productivity, leverage your data, and strengthen communication with families.

A streamlined application process

Track your  prospective students progress through the admissions process and see them through to enrollment. All student enrollment data is maintained in one central record, making it easy to view current applicant data, review recent history, and finalize enrollment.

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Paperless admission portal

Provide prospective students and their families with an engaging way to manage their admissions process using the Veracross Admission Portal. The Portal ensures that all elements of your application, such as checklist items or visit scheduling, deliver a user-friendly experience.

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Enhanced reporting and analysis

Track progress through the admissions cycle and view graphic representations of your data. Integrated pipeline reports provide accurate analysis by grade, division, city, gender, and more.

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Facilitate communication with candidates

Stay connected with your applicants through every step of the admissions process with custom messages, group email distribution lists, and private Admission Portal messages.

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Simplified planning and tour scheduling

Easily schedule interviews and open houses using Veracross’s visit tracking functionality. Match tour guides with prospective students by using their academics and activities schedule to determine the most compatible guide.

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Transform every step of your admissions funnel with Veracross Admissions and Enrollment

Comprehensive features, one solution

Connect with us to learn more about how you can enhance your admissions process.

  • Applicant Portal 
  • Candidate Profile 
  • Admissions Marketing 
  • Email & SMS 
  • Financial Aid 
  • Online Teacher Recommendations 
  • Online Decision Letters  
  • Configurable Inquiries and Applications  

Moving to Veracross transformed the workflows of our Admissions department. Rather than spend valuable time doing manual work, our team was able to focus on cultivating relationships with prospective families.

Molly Rumsey Director of Information Services, Harpeth Hall

Students at Harpeth Hall rely on the power of Veracross

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we improve our student admissions and enrollment workflows?

One way to improve your workflows is to integrate your admissions and enrollment software with your private school SIS. This integration helps to streamline workflows, enhance cross-department communication, and track student data from initial inquiry through school enrollment and beyond.

Do I need to integrate my SIS with my admissions and enrollment system?

While you don’t have to integrate your SIS with your admissions and enrollment system, it is helpful to do so. An integrated SIS helps private and independent schools manage admissions from initial inquiry through enrollment and beyond. The Veracross SIS solution offers a streamlined application process, digital admissions portals, enhanced data reporting, communication tools, and scheduling functionality for prospective student visits.

How does a student information system bring value to a private school?

A student information system (SIS) for your private school manages every aspect of student data in one central location. Benefits include streamlined workflows, improved communication among faculty, staff, and parents, and valuable time saved.

All your data, under one umbrella

Seamlessly integrate with SSAT and Ravenna to boost your candidate pool. Let Veracross manage record creation and data syncing so you don't have to manage applicants in different places.

One platform for all your needs