Configurable User Portals

A central hub for everything and everyone at your school

Give every member of your community easy access to the information they need with fully customizable portals for each constituent at your school. 

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Deliver an unparalleled user experience

Schools cater to a diverse array of constituents: new and current families, students, staff, teachers, board members, volunteers, alumni, and other valued community members. Provide an unmatched user experience on and off-campus with Veracross portals, a one-stop-shop for sharing school information, communications, and resources like tuition payments and student attendance. With a simple drag and drop portal builder and user-friendly interface, create a dedicated portal for every major audience at your school with content and tools tailored to their needs.

Family Communication

Eliminate email overload and create transparency 

Provide easy, real-time access to all the information a current family needs about their child — like important calendars, news and announcements, extracurriculars, and tuition payments — with a Parent and Guardian Portal.

New Family Introductions

Bridge the gap and welcome new families  

Onboard new students and families with a dedicated and password-protected New Family Portal. Share a welcome video, campus FAQs, and school calendars to introduce them to your community and culture.

Alumni Engagement

Stay connected and keep alumni engaged after graduation 

Keep alumni’s attention and help classmates stay in touch with a dedicated Alumni Portal. Share a class directory, reminders about reunions or retirements, a news section, and giving forms to spark healthy competition between classes.

Board and Solicitor Information

Empower trustees and supporters, securely 

Maximize your board’s time with a password-protected Board Portal for financial reports, meeting minutes, prep documents, and a calendar. Use a Solicitor Portal to serve up the information a volunteer needs — and only the information they need — to help with outreach.

Internal Communication

Optimize the faculty and staff experience 

Simplify internal communication with an Employee Portal for benefit information, school calendars, employee forms, and announcements. Use a Faculty Portal to help teachers manage attendance, schedules, and learning plans in a single, user-friendly interface.

The value in having our Parent Portal attached to our student information system is that there’s seamless integration. Our parents can view their son’s schedule and see where he is at any point during the day... So having that information, the way the platform ties in together, giving our parents that information, it helps them know that they made the right investment and the right choice in where they’re sending their son to school.

Director of Communications, The Regis School of the Sacred Heart

[Our New Family Portal] aligns to the parent experience as they transition to the school, from preparing for their move to becoming more familiar with learning.

Director of Communications, NIST International School

Members of our school community know that the best resource for them to find relevant, up-to-date information is via our portals.

Director of Marketing and Communications, Carmel Catholic High School


Versatility and utility, all-in-one

Parent and Guardian Portal

Student Portal

Teacher Portal

New Family Portal

Alumni Portal

Board Portal

Solicitor Portal

Employee Portal

Billing Portal

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How Catlin Gabel School Uses
Portals to Streamline Communication

As any school marketing team knows, information can easily get lost or overlooked. Catlin Gabel School solved their communication conundrum with dedicated user portals for families, employees, alumni, board members, and bill payers. Read this case study to learn how Veracross portals helped streamlined communication with these major constituents.