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In today’s educational landscape, prioritizing students’ holistic well-being is critical. We proudly offer industry-leading solutions to help private and independent K-12 schools do just that. With innovative student health record solution, Magnus Health, educators can seamlessly track physical health information and collaborate with healthcare professionals, coaches, and parents to address the diverse healthcare needs of every student. Meanwhile, Epraise, an integral part of the Veracross family, empowers schools to celebrate positive behaviors and track students’ mental and emotional health. Together, these modern solutions equip educators with the resources needed to ensure that students not only succeed in their academic pursuits but also lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Magnus Health

Student Health Record Solutions

Coordinate student care with our web-based SHR Magnus Health, designed specifically to meet the needs of private and independent schools. Collect, track, manage, and communicate about student health information in a centralized and secure platform.


Mental and Emotional Well-being Solutions

Transform your school with Epraise, our innovative platform that tracks students’ well-being and encourages positive behavior. Monitor emotions, report concerns, share progress with parents, and see school-wide trends with accurate and actionable data. 


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How St. Margaret's Episcopal School
collaborates on student care

Student health and wellness is a shared responsibility. Read this case study to learn how St. Margaret’s Episcopal School shares treatment notes and communicates securely across departments to provide consistent care