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We believe a modern SIS that is fully capable of meeting the demands of today’s independent schools must possess the following characteristics. These are not “features,” but fundamental attributes of the underlying system architecture.


The web is the preferred interface for today’s enterprise applications. A web-based system offers many advantages, including being accessible anywhere you have a web-browser, the ease of providing upgrades, and the elimination of desktop-software and all its attendant complexity. Axiom and Portals are the two frameworks that deliver the Veracross experience via the web. Axiom is designed to provide a modern, fully-functional administrative experience to the back office (Admissions, Development, Business Office), while Portals is designed to provide access to information and tools that are unique to your Faculty, Parents, Students, Alumni, and others.

One Person Record for Life

Many other systems manage person data differently depending on their “role,” even putting different types of people in different tables. Veracross believes strongly that everybody belongs in the same table, with roles that define who the person is and their relationship to the school. People often wear many hats (Parent, Faculty, Alumni, Donor, Volunteer), and so it makes sense to acknowledge that in the database architecture. Following is a sample lifecycle for a person record in Veracross:

Sibling of Current Student (record created) → Admission Candidate → Student → Alumni → Donor → Parent of Applicant → Parent of Student → Parent of Alumni → Grandparent

In this case, the record’s lifespan is many decades. In Veracross, it will retain its unique ID and no data will be lost or purged, meaning the relationship’s history will be recorded in its entirety within Veracross.

Integrated System

Veracross is an integrated system, meaning it uses a single database and software platform to serve all departments and constituencies. Data is not duplicated, and the same software tools can be used across departments, reducing training time and other expenses. Comprehensive security ensures data is only seen by authorized users. Veracross serves all the major departments: Admissions, Development, Business, Academics, and Communications.

In addition, Veracross has solutions for other departments as well: Boarding, Athletics, Other Programs, Extended Care, Financial Aid, Employment, Resource Scheduling, Health, Transportation, Guidance, and more.

Integration of Data & Content

Gone are the days where data and content need to live in different systems, forcing constituents to visit multiple applications. Veracross Portals integrates comprehensive data (report-cards, attendance, assignments, grades, behavior, health, enrollment) with content (news, photos, videos, widgets, etc.) in one place. In addition, Veracross Portals lets schools customize the layout of their Community Portals to provide exactly the experience the school desires.

Data Integrity

Most systems put 100% of the responsibility for data maintenance on the end-user. Based on the hundreds of data migrations we’ve done, this often doesn’t end well. Veracross takes a proactive view of maintaining your data; following are a few examples of its data hygiene services:

  • Every day, more than 100 data-integrity checks are performed to ensure data accuracy and consistency. If a problem is detected, it is flagged for further review.
  • Addresses are standardized to postal-service guidelines and geocoded to enable distance calculations and various mapping applications.
  • Records are de-duped so the many inbound data vectors don’t result in excessive record duplication.
  • Missing relationships are created based on existing data to provide a complete map of your community.


Also gone are the days where third-party communication tools were required to create web pages for classes/portals and to send formatted emails and text messages to constituents. Composer, our new communication tool, lets users (subject to school-defined security) create web pages, design highly formatted emails, and send text messages. Here is why this is exciting:

  • No more shuttling of data between your SIS and your communication tools. Emails/text messages can be sent from any Axiom query or any of the thousands of built-in groups. Unsubscribe just works.
  • Constituents receive consistent design themes and can manage all their communications and subscriptions in one place.
  • The Communications Office (and others, if authorized) can easily see all the communication a constituent has received, regardless of who sent it. This is critical in a time where many schools are under fire from parents for “too much” communication.

The result is friction-free communication between school and constituents. The tools fade into the background, allowing senders and recipients alike to focus on the content, not the tools.

Hosted Solution

We have been hosting our global software solutions since 1996, long before the buzzwords “Cloud” or “SaaS” were invented. We discovered the benefits of hosting early on, which include easing the burden on IT departments, accelerating the delivery of improvements to users, making applications universally accessible (anywhere you have a web browser), and enabling functionality that just isn’t feasible with an on-premise solution. Veracross was designed from day one to be a hosted solution, as opposed to legacy systems that get re-branded as “hosted” via the addition of Citrix.

Dedicated Service

We believe history firmly demonstrates that enterprise software will fail far too often. Our diagnosis is the conventional model of complex software that touches every individual in the organization + a traditional software vendor help desk != success. We believe the missing piece is a service component whose chief goal is to ensure the software is implemented successfully and then remains successful. Our entire business model, from the way we are organized to the way we are compensated by our clients, is predicated upon the continued success of Veracross at your school. Read more about our dedicated Account Managers on The Veracross Difference page.


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401 Edgewater Place

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