Veracross API


Combine the power of the Veracross single-record database with the most advanced API in the industry.

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Making data management seamless

The Veracross API gives your school flexibility and control to provide your community a seamless experience without creating administrative work for your staff. 

No data synchronization needed

With Veracross as your school’s technology platform, your team no longer needs to sync, import/export, or utilize third-party data tools.

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Be prepared for what’s next

The Veracross API allows schools and software vendors to request additional endpoints, ensuring you are always positioned for the future needs of your school.

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Power your LMS with Veracross

Veracross utilizes OneRoster as the bridge between your LMS and Veracross SIS to ensure classes, enrollments, learning resources, gradebooks, and more are always up to date.

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One System, One Login, One Record for Life

Two-way data sync means each office can work in their own application and data is automatically synchronized to Veracross. 

Single Record Database web-based Student Information System

Veracross Partner Portal

The Veracross Partner Portal makes it easy for schools to share credentials directly with vendors streamlining and simplifying integrations with Veracross.

Partner Portal
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The Veracross API

Empowering schools to integrate their systems with the software they choose

Jay Heath

The Veracross API has allowed us to keep Veracross as the source of truth at the center of our data while empowering departments to use best-of-breed applications to fit their needs.

Jay Heath Director of Technology, Overlake
Mark Ruiters

By simplifying the way critical data is shared between Veracross and SchoolPass, not only will schools become more efficient but most importantly, they will be safer.


Mark Ruiters CEO, SchoolPass

One platform, limitless applications

With our single-record architecture and two-way API, users always have up-to-date information and you never need to update multiple databases.

One platform for all your needs