The Power of Segments

Each fundraising activity allows for the set-up of Segments. This little-used feature can provide easy targeting and a more efficient way to communicate. Come see how to set up and use Segments for your next Annual Fund Fiscal Year. Register Now >>

Next Generation Assessment & Parent Engagement

Veracross recently partnered with Edsby to make its modern, full-featured K-12 social learning system available to Veracross schools. Learn why schools, states and provinces and even whole countries are moving to Edsby, winner of more than 70 education industry awards and accolades. Edsby keeps Veracross as your school’s source of truth while adding modern standards-based […]

Amplifying DEI Goals with Technology: A Framework to Operationalize DEI

From better data to faculty/staff professional development to enhanced classroom experiences, technology can be the key to unleashing your school's DEI initiatives. Understanding how to design and implement technology solutions to address complex DEI priorities will allow schools to reach their instructional and operational goals and foster inclusive cultures. Independent school leaders interested in the […]

From Inquiry to Alum: Creating a Unified Family Experience to Skyrocket Your Admission, Retention and Donor Engagement

In today’s education landscape, you’re competing for families’ attention and resources more than ever before. You’re not just competing with other private and independent schools, but also with public schools—maybe even with new homeschool education options. So how do you stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in providing an exceptional and unified experience […]

Exporting Saved Queries to Update Analytics Dashboards and Visualizations

Veracross saved queries can be exported to replace data in a spreadsheet or database, which can then update visualizations that are connected to that data. In this session, we will look at how to create a visualizations and analytics dashboard from a Veracross Query export, as well as how to update the dashboard by exporting […]

Student Wellbeing: Motivating the Quiet Middle

Student wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important issue for schools and it’s something we’ve been working on at Epraise for over a decade. Recently we’ve been focussing in on the “quiet middle”; students who don’t step out of line and attend regularly, but struggle to reach their potential. What can we do to both ensure […]

Making it Easy to Be a Parent

From continuous enrollment contracts to dynamic checklists on the Future Parent Portal, learn how Trinity Prep makes it as easy as possible to be a parent. Register Now >>

Using Function Fields in Admissions and Communication Strategy for Applicants

This session will explore different ways to leverage function fields in admissions queries to help your workflows. Some examples will include admissions review, financial aid, and events. Communicating effectively with prospective students and their families is important. What is the right time to reach out and how often? Learn about different ways to communicate with […]

Building Student Philanthropy

It’s never too early to start building a culture of student philanthropy at your school. To ensure stability, growth, and investment by future alumni/ae, educating your students early and engaging them in how to make an impact at their alma mater is a strategic decision. From awareness building to involvement to leadership; strategies and outcomes […]

Creation and Use of an Administrative Communications Portal

Many of our school's administrators had a high level of resistance to engaging with the Axiom side of Veracross but still desired to use the Composer interface to send group email and/or text messages to families/constituents. We created a "communications portal" for them through the faculty portal that enabled them to send these messages with […]