Customer Agreement for Granting Access to a Veracross Developer

By granting a Veracross Developer access to my organization’s  Veracross Software Solutions account (“Account”), I (on behalf of my organization), acknowledge the following:

  1. The Veracross Developer will be given access to information that has been uploaded to the Account and which may include confidential business information about my organization and/or personal private information or protected health information of third parties (“Confidential Information”).
  2. My organization has the authorization and/or consent necessary to disclose Confidential Information to the Veracross Developer, including third party information. If my organization does not have authorization or consent, my organization will be solely responsible for obtaining the authorization or consent before disclosing the Confidential Information to the Veracross Developer.
  3. Veracross is not responsible, and shall not be liable, for the disclosure of Confidential Information by my organization to the Veracross Developer.