“There have been so many subtle improvements to our processes. The efficiency of the overall system is such that we’ve been able to function with one less FTE. We lost a person…but because of the efficiency of the system we are able to work, and we don’t need to back fill…It was great to be able to reduce our department cost by one whole person. That person was totally dedicated to student billing…Because our billing system starts with the contracts and the contract data feeds into the student billing system, none of those charges have to be manually entered. They are there. All they have to do is be posted to the invoices. There is no data entry, taking the information from the contract and pecking it into a student’s record. We’ve observed an overall decline in our past due accounts that might typically roll into the spring towards the end of the school year, those have diminished quite a bit. There are always a few lingering things at the end of the year, but not the magnitude that we’d experienced in the past. With that we’ve observed there are also more prepayments in the summer proceeding the beginning of the school year and I would attribute that to the ease of which families can work through the parent portal and through the system.”

Jennifer Moore, CFO, Randolph School