“We interviewed all of the major players, and even some of the non-major players, when it comes to student information systems. Ultimately it was Veracross, in part really because of the simplicity of use, and the fact that for faculty it was easy. You’re really getting two systems: you have one system that is infinitely complex in a good way. Like, we can do anything we want through queries and data analytics and all of these things, there’s so much capacity. But on the faculty end, it’s actually a very simple, easy-to-use system. That really aligned with what we wanted. We wanted to be able to tell faculty (because we’ve got a big faculty), you’re only getting benefit. There’s absolutely no harm in switching because your life is being made infinitely easier. And also the administrative side was able to access a much more powerful database than we’d had before. There were very few solutions that gave us the best of those two worlds. ”

– Evan Kanouse, Assistant Director of Academic Technology and Database Administrator, Greenwich Country Day School