Jason Ramsden first heard of Veracross in 2008

At the time, he was helping to maintain an array of individual, departmental systems and was intrigued by Veracross’s claim to be “unified.” However, familiar with the products on the market, he was wary of systems that boasted unification, but were, in reality, suites of separate programs connected with data shuttles in the backend. Skeptical, he got in touch with Veracross hoping to be proved wrong.

His initial thoughts upon learning more about Veracross

“We were on the search for something I wasn’t sure even existed. But when I found and investigated Veracross, I knew immediately that I had found the Holy Grail of school information systems. Veracross is a truly unified system. It was clear, even from my initial conversations, that the system offered a solution with true integration, across all departments in real time. No data shuttles on the backend. No siloed departmental data. No disconnected record management across platforms. Veracross was the solution to our disjointed system and isolated data.”

Upon discovering and discussing what Jason called “a unicorn of school information systems,” the Ravenscroft administrative team collectively decided to move all systems and data to Veracross. Once the choice was made, Ravenscroft staff and faculty waited to see if this new “unified” solution would truly deliver as promised. Expectations were high, and the migration process loomed as a daunting task.

During this process

The Veracross implementation team put fears to rest and handled all the heavy lifting of data migration. They took Ravenscroft database snapshots and ensured that duplicate records were merged, inaccurate records corrected, and historical information fully retained. Together, Ravenscroft staff and the Veracross team developed a plan to implement the core Veracross modules in sequence over the course of the month: starting with Admissions, followed in the subsequent weeks by Development and Business.

Jason’s thoughts on the switch

“Making the switch across all departments at once was complex but those growing pains are absolutely worth the benefits of integration. It’s not about us today. It’s about the school tomorrow. Looking back, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

After over a decade using Veracross, Jason describes the experience:

“I can simply say that as every year passes, we continue to reap the benefit of having been with Veracross for as long as we have. They continue to iterate on their product, take client feedback and make improvements that benefit our entire community. To sum it up, Veracross is an absolute game changer. I can’t imagine our schools running without it.”

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