I know some schools rip the bandaid off and they do everything all at once. We actually were in the same position, but we couldn’t do that. We had our buy-in from our business office and our admissions office but the development office was absolutely holding out. They were not going to be dragged over to Veracross, they didn’t care really what they heard, how good it was.

So I think we implemented it in 2010, and we said alright we’re gonna leave them and gonna let them do what they want to do for a little while. We’re going to bring the rest of the school on board and so we took that time and made sure we were really doing a good job with admissions and business office and we got the student grading and scheduling piece on board and started to use other things in the system like the event registration and calendars and the resource and I mean pretty soon the whole school was on board and the development office was like wait what is this everybody is using this Veracross thing, we’re not on it. And at that point, I think we sent our development office team to talk to Jason’s team over at Ravenscroft, which was really helpful and they kinda did help sell our team on that.

– Trevor Hoyt, Director of Technology, Durham Academy