Simplifying workflows for your faculty and central office

Since the beginning of this academic year, schools have wrestled with the best ways to track, schedule and report on hybrid, in-person, and virtual students. For most schools, the daily tasks of taking attendance and lesson planning are now complicated by confusion as to which groups of students a teacher should expect to attend remotely versus in-person.

The Veracross Cohort Tracking and Scheduling feature alleviates this struggle and allows schools to have clarity on which students to expect in person and those that are remote.

Teachers are having to work in a whole new way; this functionality simplifies one part of their complex job.Marisue Lacher, Special Projects, Carmel Catholic High School

Carmel Catholic High School, located in Mundelein, IL, has been using this feature since the beginning of their 2020-2021 academic year with great success. They currently utilize two different queries for faculty; they can access reports on their students’ cohort by class as well as daily in-person vs remote lists. These reports inform them of which students are in which cohort, but more importantly, where the student is supposed to be that day. For potentially exposed students needing quarantine or parent-requested remote days, CCHS has leveraged override on a per-student basis, which allows them to avoid making changes to the whole cohort.

Veracross UX interface
The Veracross Faculty Portal provides teachers with a list of students that are expected to be present in-person and which students are expected to participate remotely.

Veracross Cohort Tracking and Scheduling has the capacity to organize as many cohorts as needed. Cohorts can be linked to rotation days, grading periods, or date ranges. The feature equips teachers with accurate attendance lists and allows students to be pivoted to different schedules as needed.

Marisue Lacher, Special Projects Lead for Carmel Catholic, says, “Teachers are having to work in a whole new way; this functionality simplifies one part of their complex job. We’ve also seen added benefits by using the in-person and remote designation to inform class attendance codes. Our central attendance office can then easily see any discrepancies on where a student is versus where they are expected to be, allowing them to reach out to the parents for clarification.”

Lacher describes the overall experience with Veracross Cohort Tracking and Scheduling by saying, “We now have a system tailored to our school’s needs. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate this feature. I don’t know what we would be doing without it.”