I would say if you’re looking for a way to tailor your parent’s experiences, and your students, and your faculty and staff’s experience as well–but if you’re really looking for a way to tailor the experience your parents are going to receive, because this experience plays into retention as well. If they are happy with this, they are happy with a lot of things. This is a great tool. We use the word powerful a lot, and it’s empowering. To be on our end, and to be on the user end, to have data that you need that is relevant to you, because we live in a time now where we only want to see what applies to us. We want someone else to filter out the noise. This database just gave us the tools we needed to make those unique experiences for users. Talking about data and spreadsheets and queries…being able to search for anything you need in a query, whatever you can think of or dream of, you can do that. It’s such a powerful tool.

– Lori Paredes, Director of Communications