You know, working with Veracross and looking at the other vendors that are out there for student information systems, I think Veracross has been the most receptive to making change.

So changes to documents, meaning like what does our transcript look like, do signatures need to be added, last spring we needed to add a little note to say you know ‘this is covid time, we were working remote, so it’s pass/fail versus graded, that’s the reason why’. So making adjustments to the documents, report cards, progress reports, all of those things.

Our registrar is in it every single day and working with queries, toggling things on and off, and so any investment you want to make in professional development get your registrar professionally developed in that sense because that’s the person you’re going to be leaning on as a director of technology or information systems. That’s really key and its really an awesome tool and it makes her life a lot easier once you get the hang of it.

– Bob Ogden, Director of Technology – Pingree School