It’s an interesting question because we’re using data to predict what’s gonna happen in a very unpredictable year. However, it’s been, because we’ve been on Veracross for as long as have and we have all of the data available to us, yeah it’s the first forecasting tool that we go to. We say ‘okay, this is what admissions looked like for the past x amount of years’ and we can then make our predictions on what’s going to be happening for the next year. We, like every other school, have already started this process for the 2021 school year. I will say that we do feel more confident having been now, I don’t know how many I lose track of time, being where we are right now in the school year and having had things go pretty well, knock on wood, and they’ve been able to go well because of the operational things that we talked about with Veracross, I feel like we have a more informed, predictive model going forward for what it’s going to look like for 2021.

– Andrew Shelffo, Chief Technology Officer – Williston Northampton School