We’re using pretty much every module of the system now and we love it. The biggest thing for me as director of technology is one database. We were coming from systems where a database for almost every different aspect of managing the school. And for our technology department that was becoming really impossible to manage and the flow of data between different systems, we could figure out ways to make that work but it was very difficult. Veracross gives us one system for the entire school. It’s one interface for parents, for our students, and that just makes things much easier for everybody.

Veracross in general, I just want to say, has been a game changer for our school. Veracross has allowed us to do things I didn’t think we’d be able to do when we started using the program.

There is no other system I can think of that we use, that we are so deeply into using just one system, and it’s hard for me to really imagine at this point after using it for eight years what we do if we didn’t have Veracross.

– Trevor Hoyt, Director of Technology, Durham Academy