In terms of the return on the investment was just the amount of time that we saved in terms of managing all of our databases. I mean it was, when we started with Veracross there were only three of us on our IT team, including myself, and we were just spending hours and hours supporting all of the different databases.

To be able to get it down to one database that is hosted by Veracross, that’s maintained by Veracross, that is web-driven, you know people can access Axiom or the portals from anywhere on any different client, it has just saved us enormous amounts of time and energy that we can then put to other things. You know like our one-to-one program or just other initiatives for the school.

So that return on investment of just being able to not have to spend so many hours supporting those other systems has been a big win for us.

– Trevor Hoyt, Director of Technology, Durham Academy