Actionable Insights for Your School

This 22-page eBook includes four worksheets and a library of related resources to help you continue the conversation and set strategic goals for your own institution.

Driving Change Through Culture, Leadership, and Technology

The Foundation of Your School

How do you want people to think, feel, and act when they engage with your institution? This eBook will explore the foundational elements of culture that define your school and help you cultivate a healthy shared experience for your community.

– Why Culture Matters
– What is Culture
– Who Shapes Culture
– How to Shape Culture

Leading Your School to Success

As a leader, you play an important role in shaping your school’s culture. There are many ways to lead; learn how to cultivate a healthy foundation for your school by embracing and strengthening your skills across the spectrum of leadership. 

– Cultural Cultivation and Transformative Leadership
– Leadership Styles as Vehicles for Change
– Six Styles of Leadership
– Components of School Culture
– How to Cultivate School Culture Tomorrow

Using Technology to Empower

Modern school leaders rely on technology to amplify and reinforce their school’s culture. This eBook will explore technology as both an art form and a science; how to use institutional research to establish trust in your school’s data; how to build strategic relationships and develop leaders within your school.

– The Relationship Between Culture, Technology, and Leadership
Creating a Data Culture
– Everyone is a Tech Leader

About the Authors

Patrick Schuermann, EdD

Leadership Consultant & Founder

Patrick has served independent schools for 20+ years with his thought leadership and education counseling. He currently serves as the Chief of Independent School Strategy at OptimaEd and Leadership Consultant for the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Patrick previously served as Founder and Director of the Vanderbilt Independent School Leadership Master's Degree Program as well as the Peabody Professional Leadership Institutes.

Rachel Kauffman

Content Manager

Rachel works on the marketing team at Veracross. A graduate of private high school and college, Rachel enjoys working in the independent school industry and giving back to the community. She is passionate about telling stories that empower others.