Empower student success and well-being

Put students at the center with an innovative platform that supports their diverse mental, emotional, and behavioral needs.

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Nurture well-rounded students and empower emotional transparency 

A student’s educational journey is shaped by their behavior. Celebrate their successes and encourage positive actions and conversations with Epraise. As part of the Veracross family, Epraise helps educators capture and track students’ mental, emotional, and behavioral health to identify patterns, address concerns, and help students flourish both academically and personally.

Mental Health Tracking

Keep your finger on the pulse of well-being 

Bridge operational gaps and seamlessly monitor how students are feeling with mental health and well-being checks. Identify trends or concerns that might be hiding beneath the surface and address their concerns immediately.

Confidential Reporting

Cultivate a safe and caring environment

Encourage students to look after one another with confidential reporting and well-being tracking in Epraise. Notify the right people at the right time, so students can receive the attention and help they need.

Quick Parent Communications

Keep families in the loop about student behavior

Whether it’s academic diligence, kindness, or leadership, Epraise celebrates the behaviors that lead to student success and facilitates seamless communication among students, parents, and educators so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Robust Reporting and Trends

Get real-time insights into student well-being and behavior 

Ditch the static spreadsheets and forms. With Epraise, you can digitally capture student behavior and incident notes and use real data to inform where students are. Easily pull reports of students, classes, grades, and more to see classroom trends.

Epraise allows us to recognize our students' achievements above and beyond what goes on in the classoom.

Secondary Head Teacher, Swindon Academy

Children thrive from seeing the outcomes of good behavior and can see an immediate impact of any negative behavior. Parents are kept informed, and the feedback we have had shows that they value the real-time insight to their child's behavior and achievement.

ICT Services Manager, Lourdes IT

Epraise has helped our school raise aspiration and celebrate student success and organise our students!

Associate Deputy Headteacher, Copthall School

Mental & Behavioral Health Features

Streamline student health and well-being management

Mental Wellness Tracking

Confidential Concern Reporting

Dashboards and Analytics

SIS Integration

Parent Messaging Platform

Student Wellness Check-In

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See Epraise in Action

Prioritize tracking the mental and emotional well-being of your students. Request a demo of Epraise to explore the benefits of a robust solution for your school.

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School motivates students

A school culture driven by positive feedback can transform student behavior and morale. Read this case study to learn how Valley Gardens Middle School relies on Epraise to reward students and improve engagement.