Fuchs Mizrachi is an Orthodox Jewish college preparatory day school located in Beachwood, Ohio. They serve 400+ students ranging from pre-K through twelfth grade. A valued customer since 2020, Fuchs Mizrachi relies on the Veracross student information system to unify their school with one central database.  


Prior to Veracross, Fuchs Mizrachi was using a combination of several systems to power their school’s daily operations. Director of Technology Akiva Fleischmann recalls that they were utilizing at least five different platforms across departments.  

Something as simple as updating a contact’s new mailing address quickly became difficult with multiple records existing in different software systems. School staff was wasting valuable time with manual data entry and often backtracking to update incorrect information that was not properly translated from one system to another.  

Fuchs Mizrachi wanted to unite their school data with one central database that would improve their workflows and user experience. 


The search process began with Fleischmann conducting his own research and surveying industry colleagues about their student information systems. He participated in product demos with several software vendors and was most impressed by Veracross. 

There were certain things [the other systems] were missing that were a dealbreaker for me. If I’m starting from scratch and [a vendor] doesn’t do a specific thing I really need, I’m going to move on. 

An on-site visit to the Wellington School in Columbus, Ohio solidified Fleischmann’s decision to move forward with Veracross. Wellington’s technology team walked Fleischmann through a day in the life of Veracross and showed how their school benefitted from one central database. Fleischmann was impressed and prepared an official recommendation for his school leaders. A committee was involved in the decision-making process and they began implementing the Veracross SIS shortly after.  


Veracross rose to the top of Fleischmann’s search for several reasons. The biggest differentiators included the integrated platform, heightened user experience, granular security roles, and ecosystem of users.  

Integrated platform: everything is in one place and automatically updates across departments. This is a huge timesaver and eliminates the need for manual upkeeping across disparate systems.  

“Everything is integrated and well-polished. It’s a one-stop shop… I can have any query that I want, find the people that I need, and send an email just to those people in one location. There’s no need to make sure email addresses are updated in one platform from another.”

User experience: from admissions applications to report cards and student directories, it’s easy for relevant stakeholders to access the information they need within one database. 

“It’s a much better process for the admissions office. Applications were an ad hoc process until now… everyone can check in on the status of an application and relevant stakeholders can see what’s going on.”

Security roles: previous vendors did not have granular access privileges and required Fleischmann to manually export report card info and track changes in a spreadsheet. With Veracross, he can simply grant users the respective permission within the platform and they can make their changes directly. 

“The report card stuff is just great! Veracross is a huge improvement over [the previous process of] Excel files and manually copying and pasting comments. One of my great successes was to get the lower school over to report cards on Veracross and having them be happy!”

Ecosystem of users: Fuchs Mizrachi relied on current Veracross customers during the SIS search process and still does today! Schools can learn from each other’s workflows and even share queries for easy access and replication.  


Two years later, Fuchs Mizrachi is full speed ahead with Veracross. Fleischmann considers it a huge win to not only get every division onto one system, but to also get them to understand what they have at their fingertips with Veracross. The same goes for parents: 

Every system has a learning curve, but once they figure out where to go, the link, and login info, they see they can access everything in one place. Parents have been loving it — there was no access to these things before.