Schools have no shortage of marketing tools to help them promote their institution and increase enrollment. From traditional print advertising and billboards to digital marketing methods like paid search and social media, a school marketing plan uses a variety of promotional methods. 

Out of all the tools available, there’s one that rises to the top: your school website. Without question, your website is the most valuable tool for your marketing team. It serves many purposes, helping to drive enrollment for prospective families and improve user experience and access to information for current families.  

How high does your website rank in your school marketing plan? If it’s not your number one priority, it might be time to reconsider things and give your marketing plan a shuffle. Keep reading to find out why your school website should be your primary marketing vehicle and how to use it to promote your school’s admissions and vision. 

It’s Where Prospective Parents Land 

Most users will rely on your school’s website to find the most important bits of information about your school including term dates, facility information, opening hours, and more. Using a school’s website is the most convenient way to find accurate information, quickly.  

In today’s digital age where we use mobile phones and web browsers to find all the information we need, it’s imperative that schools use their website to provide accurate, complete information to both existing and prospective parents.  

Google alone logs over eight and a half billion daily online searches with users looking for necessary information on a huge range of topics — including private school enrollment. It’s imperative for your school’s marketing team to account for this incredibly common method of seeking information.  

The takeaway? Schools should focus on delivering an online presence that’s simple, informative and emotive. Websites are one of the top school marketing ideas to attract prospective parents, help increase enrollment, and ensure your community feels engaged with your school.  

It Represents Your Brand 

Like any business website, a school’s website is a visual representation of the larger organization. Every detail counts.  

Consistent branding, visual standards, and cohesion with the school’s physical location are important factors in shaping the user’s opinion of the school.  

Harmonious branding, copy, and visuals across all sectors of your website contribute to an authentic experience that can translate to user loyalty and increased enrollment.  

It Hosts Engaging Multimedia Opportunities 

While a traditional advertisement takes place in one form, a school’s website can tackle multiple content types, broadcasting a range of information in several different forms.  

Your target audience can engage in video, text, photos, audio recordings, and more, all on the same platform.  

This is especially important to your school marketing plan because it provides a high level of engagement, endless opportunities for creative marketing, and a longer average time spent browsing your website.  

It’s a Data Hub That Boosts Community 

A school website can collect invaluable data for your school’s marketing plan, helping you better engage prospective and current parents through advanced analytics and tracking.  

Website features like targeted forms, newsletter sign-ups, and email communication are essential for providing a sense of school community while also connecting with prospective families.  

It’s a Flexible, Comprehensive Tool  

A website isn’t just a singular hurdle to overcome once; it’s a living, growing organism that changes with your school. When implementing a quality website as part of your school marketing plan, account for continuous updates and general upkeep.  

Continual website “refreshes” are important for keeping it armed with engaging, current content that provides quality user experiences.  

Using a content management system (CMS) when creating your website will allow you to easily make necessary changes. This small difference is what transforms a school’s website into a top marketing tool.  

You can also use additional marketing tools like social media and email marketing to drive online traffic to your website, helping reach your school’s conversion goal.  

The Bottom Line 

There’s no question that your school website is your most valuable marketing tool; it’s an essential landing page for all parents and other members to connect and engage with your community.  

In short, a school website can help you: 

  • Exhibit your school’s image, displaying it as a trusted, sought-after institution that prioritizes clear, accurate communication. 
  • Share multimedia advertisements to engage prospective parents and develop a deeper sense of community.  
  • Reach your school’s goals through a CMS that tracks and accelerates growth. 

Digistorm specializes in custom-built school websites with an easy-to-use CMS. Our team of expert web developers and designers partner with schools to build websites that are visually appealing, effortless to navigate, and simple to manage.   

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